The Rules:

Assemble a 10-75 card deck depending on your style and strategy

~ or ~

One of Each mode – use whole deck

Limit of 5 ‘special’ cards in custom player deck (except in One of Each mode).

Each player has a bud bowl with 25 player buds in it.

Random player starts.

Player 2 receives the Secret Stash card.

Place and attack with cards according to their abilities.

Attacking abilities such as stun or poison do damage + apply effects

Retaliation abilities such as stun / poison only apply the ability effect and do not apply additional damage.

Stunned Cards do not execute turn actions or trigger abilities.

Stunned Cards will execute retaliation and retaliation abilities

All Poison damage is absorbed at the end of the card owner’s turn

Online Steam Version:
Winner gains losers CRED $ to their account.

Loser has their CRED $ deducted from their account.

XP gained per game based on card Value + other gameplay actions and successful combos.